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Aumara and the non-physical master teachers join together to provide you with solutions and specific guidance to your personal challenges and spiritual development.


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Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and channel of Voice of Oneness

Aumara Bonnet, M.A.Ed, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and owner of Voice of Oneness with a passion for spiritual coaching and teaching.

With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, she regularly works with clients on their spiritual development journeys, assisting them through spiritual guidance, meditation, energy healing, energy clearing, and past life regression.

While working as an elementary school teacher,

Aumara continued yearning for something more – a fulfilling opportunity to help others through the power of spiritual development.

Her passion for guiding and mentoring others led her down an exciting path that involved starting her own business, working part-time during the evenings, and teaching school students during the day. She continued working both jobs for four years before retiring from the public school system in 2010 to pursue her dreams full-time.

After her retirement, she opened her first Spiritual Healing and Learning Center in California, offering weekly meditation, group channeling events, energy clearing, mentorship, and more.

As a compassionate empath

As a compassionate empath known for her intuitive nature and natural ability to read energy, Aumara Bonnet looks forward to speaking directly to the heart, providing clients with custom-tailored experiences that will change their lives for the better.

When she isn't busy recording sessions for her podcast, completing psychic readings, or helping clients with spiritual development, she enjoys going for long walks by the river with her four-legged friend Jesse and playing with her grandchildren, Eli and Wesley.

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