Through these messages from Spirit, you are called to the remembrance of your divinity. May these messages flow within your heart and bless you each day.

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Daily Whisper – Remember – A choice point exists in every moment of life. Whatever you choose, let all your words, thoughts, and deeds be done in love. For there exists a universal law based on the principle that states all shall reap that which they have sown. To extend the love and caring held within you to any other will serve you to experience this love deep within. Show others your caring, tender spirit; share freely, and learn to expect nothing in return. Give with Love! Let these words be felt within your heart. Breathe them in deeply and allow yourself to be guided. Knowing all is correct. Your destiny shall unfold into you as it is already within you. Trust and Behold! ~ The Voice of Oneness




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Daily Whisper – Remember – There are points in the development of the Soul essence which appear to be great trails. Understand this is the selected course that an individual has elected to move along. Freedom of choice or what is known as  “free will” affords this right to all experiencing their growth on the earth’s course.